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3 Reasons You Should Choose a Hardwood Floor for Your Interior

Posted by James Airey Flooring (jamesaireyflooring) on Jul 04 2016
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Choosing a flooring option for your interior project is one of the most important decisions that you will make.
Flooring is meant to last a lifetime, and finding a solution that will fit your needs and requirements, as well as being long lasting can often seem like an impossible task, especially if you don’t know what type of flooring to choose.
In our experience, hardwood flooring is one of the best options to look in to; not only for the longevity of the material, but the aesthetic that it can bring to an interior. Why do we think hardwood is the best choice for you? Well, let’s find out!
Hardwood Flooring is Long Lasting
Take a look outside and there’s a high chance that you’re seeing a tree that is well over 100 years old.
Wood is created to be able to last a lifetime, dealing with the elements and other natural forces is tough work, but we still see trees which are hundreds of years old which have withstood decades of dealing with all that nature throws at them.
It is this resistance that makes hardwoods the perfect choice for any interior. They will be able to withstand heavy traffic loads, are less likely to be subject to damage and really will last you a lifetime, making them more of an investment than simply an attractive flooring option.
It Ages Well
Many people are conscious about how their interior will change over the years. It’s in the nature of interior design trends to change rapidly over a short space of time, which makes people who want to create a stylish interior less likely to make investments in long lasting features.
However, hardwoods can age incredibly well, and we’ve yet to find an interior style that doesn’t benefit from the sophisticated look of a hardwood floor. Even years into the floor being installed, the wear that you will see on the wood won’t be unattractive – it will simply look well aged, a style which never seems to go out of fashion in the interior design world.
It Gives an Effortless, Natural Look
Believe it or not, nature inspires the majority of interior design in some way or another. Even in the most modern of styles, keen eyes will be able to spot textures or colours which can be linked back to the natural world.
You can’t get much more natural than wooden flooring; the unique patterns in the grain and the different shades which are present guarantee your hardwood floor to be unique to your interior, which doesn't really require much effort on your part.
By choosing hardwood, you’re investing in a long lasting, attractive flooring option that will only look better with age.
If you’d like to find out how we can help you achieve the best looking wood flooring for your interior, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today; we’ll be delighted to help you with any queries you may have.

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