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How to Create a Stunning Dark Interior

Posted by James Airey Flooring (jamesaireyflooring) on Aug 16 2016
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Now it seems that the crisp, white décor may have had its day. If you want to make a really bold statement and add a touch of warmth or luxurious elegance to a room, dark colours are the latest trend taking the interior design world by storm.

Striking the right balance

Creating a stunning dark interior is all about striking the right balance, because darker rooms can begin to feel cramped and cluttered if you don’t quite hit the spot. Colour and light have a huge impact on how we perceive a space and greatly affect our mood, with darker colours creating a much warmer and more luxurious atmosphere than paler shades.

Deep plum purples and darker reds such as burgundies and rich wine colours are proving extremely popular, and they work by drawing the walls in and making a space feel closer and softer. Rather than the harsh glare of a central ceiling light, adding table lamps and uplights helps diffuse light into softer pools around the room, while adding mirrors or reflective ornaments can help bounce light around the space and prevent it from feeling too claustrophobic.

Choosing the right flooring

Flooring is often the best place to start when designing a stunning dark interior. Whether in a home, hotel foyer or business premises, a dark hardwood floor or a dark carpet can add real depth to the space and give it that much-needed sophisticated, elegant look.

With one of the best selections of dark hardwood floors and quality carpets in a range of darker shades, James Airey have a flooring solution for every imaginable space. If you’re looking to create a stunning dark interior and need some inspiration, contact us today for more information or advice on the best flooring for your project.

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